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I was born in England in 1953, studied Electrical Engineering and Electronics and moved to Germany in 1976. I spent my career in the computer industry, first as a programmer of real-time and process control systems and then in the management and governance of the global data centres of an international bank. For about ten years of this I worked as a freelance consultant and had a small sideline doing technical translations from German to English. (Further details on my LinkedIn profile).

My interest in music, especially that of Johann Sebastian Bach, started in my final school years with a year each of piano and organ lessons. As a student I built a clavichord from a kit, which was not very successful, and later owned a harpsichord for some years.

On retirement I took up an interest that was triggered by something I read in a library in my student days about the use of numerical alphabets by J.S. Bach. I decided to investigate this thoroughly from my background in information science and maths and was privileged to come into contact with Ruth Tatlow, the expert on these matters. With her encouragement I spoke at the Bach Network meetings in 2017 and 2019 (where I first met Eberhard) and the result was a book: "Let’s Calculate Bach – Applying Information Theory and Statistics to Numbers in Music".

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