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Personal background of
"Die Frau Capellmeisterin Anna Magdalena Bach.
Ein Zeitbild"


© Annett Poppe

Eberhard Spree

In January 2018 I successfully defended my thesis "Die verwitwete Frau Capellmeisterin Bach. Studie über die Verteilunge des Nachlasses von Johann Sebastian Bach". It was published in a revised form in 2019. Here I mainly concerned myself with the mine share owned by the Bach family, the catalogue of Johann Sebastian Bach’s estate made by his widow Anna Magdalena, and her conduct regarding the distribution of the estate. The cooperation with several colleagues was particularly valuable, of whom I would like to name in particular Prof. Dr. Heide Wunder, one of the most important representatives of the history of gender, and the well-known Bach researcher Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schulze.

As this publication had a very specific approach, I felt the need to examine the entire life of Anna Magdalena Bach née Wilcke and address a wider audience. I therefore privately printed a first version of the upcoming book and sent it not only to connected experts, but also to relations and friends who are not so deeply involved in the Bach family but would like to learn more. I would like to thank you all at this point – your input was a great help for the further work.

Since August 2021 "Die Frau Capellmeisterin Anna Magdalena Bach. Ein Zeitbild" is available for purchase (until now only in German).

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